Entrepreneurship and Wealth Management

Entrepreneurship and Wealth Management Panel Discussion

1:30 PM – 2:20 PM

Moderator: Bob Daugherty

Panel Members: Michael Moe, Russ Prince, Carl Schramm, John Tamny

About the Panel Discussion

The year 2020 has ushered in unexpected and unprecedented challenges across a myriad of dimensions, from health to wealth to family and philanthropy.  The financial health impact to several small businesses tell the story of major challenges and victories in redefining business services/products.  As sources of finance dry up, more than 40% of new ventures will fall into the so-called “red zone” with only enough cash for three months or less of normal operations.  The way entrepreneurial business models and approaches are affected by the pandemic will have an impact on how entrepreneurship is perceived as a career option in the future.  Entrepreneurs are innovative and always look for new ways to meet new goals.  While many start-ups and small businesses have suffered, the COVID-19 challenge has also led to an increase in entrepreneurial activity. People and companies have devised new ideas to respond to existing or emerging needs.  Agility is crucial! Encouraging economically impacted individuals to take on the risks associated with entrepreneurialism when they think they have identified or discovered an opportunity is key. This panel will enlighten innovative instincts in discussing the new wave of entrepreneurship and wealth management.



Bob Daugherty

Dean – Forbes School of Business & Technology



Michael Moe

Business Co-Founder, Investor, Entrepreneur and Author

Russ Alan Prince

Executive Director of the Family Office Association Research Institute

Carl Schramm

University Professor –  Syracuse University

John Tamny

Vice President  FreedomWorks, Editor, Senior Economic Advisor