Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth and Development Panel Discussion

2:35 PM – 3:25 PM

Moderator: Dr. Katie Thiry

Panel Members: Vernice “Flygirl” Armour, Margie Warrell, Dr. Steve Kerr, Eddie Turner

About the Panel Discussion

The year 2020 has brought new challenges and shifted the playing field of personal development and high-demand skills and expertise.  Technology will continue to play a big role in personalized, continuous professional development now and in the future with the ability of artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess a learner’s needs and offer customized learning content.  The 2020 pandemic has placed focus on employees working remotely and businesses finding virtual business solutions.  Core beliefs are being challenged, work life is being disrupted, but in the end, this pandemic has no prejudice with whom it affects…it affects everyone!  Across industries, the level of employee remote work agreements has increased.  Working remotely can be a time of personal growth as well as maintaining a focus on work/life balance. “Employees at all levels across the organization will need to reskill and upskill their power skills to successfully manage and operate in teams that are confronting the rapidly changing workplace landscape”, stated Will Foussier, CEO and Co-Founder of AceUp.  This esteemed panel of industry thought leaders will remind us that change is happening… Are You Ready?


Dr. Katie Thiry

Department Chair  Professor

Forbes School of Business & Technology


Vernice  “Flygirl” Armour

Founder, Advisor, Inspirational Leadership Keynote Speaker and Author

Margie Worrell

Founder Global Courage

Dr. Steve Kerr

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Eddie Turner

Eddie Turner, LLC – Executive Leadership Coach