Sports – Understanding An Uncertain Business Model

Sports – Understanding An Uncertain Business Model – Panel Discussion

12:25 – 1:15

Moderator: Leonard Armato

Panel Members: Randy Freer, Amy Brooks, David Katz, Christopher Dempsey, Ed Desser, John Kosner

After several months of shut down due to the 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic, the limited return of sports has begun.  How will the coronavirus change sports?  What changes will occur in the current business model?  What will be the long-term impacts of the pandemic on the sports world?  Some say that the risk posed by large crowds at international gatherings will downsize if not kill the Olympics as a mass spectator event.  Others point to dramatic reductions in the size of college athletic departments, funding of amateur athletes, and the future elimination of some sports.   Our esteemed panel of sports thought leaders cover a broad industry spectrum including: Fox Sports and Fox Entertainment Network, NBA, NBA Media, Denver Nuggets Media/Altitude Television, Fox Sports Digital, ESPN Digital, and the convergence of sports, entertainment, marketing, and technology. The panel will provide their predictions and answers to understanding a changing and uncertain sports business model.


Leanard Armato

Founder & CEO

Management Plus Enterprises



Randy Freer

Former CEO – HULU

Amy Brooks

Chief Innovation Officer – NBA

David Katz

Executive Vice President – Digital Fox Sports

Christopher Dempsey

Denver Nuggets Media/Altitude Television Sports Reporter And Analyst

Ed Desser

President  Desser Media, Inc. (“DMI”) Former Head of NBA Media and Sports Media Consultant

John Kosner

President  Kosner Media

Previous Executive VP Digital and Print Media for ESPN